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95% of buyers buy on emotion. Make it "love at first sight".

Home Staging Services

We tailor our staging services to the unique needs of each client. Whether you need a big renovation of a soon to-be-listed property, or just want expert advice on how to do-it-yourself, we can help you to stage your home in the most cost effective way. At Serenity Redesign we offer Home Staging Services to:

We Stage;

Edmonton Staged Condo Livingroom

The Cost of Staging Your Home

As a home stager the first question I often hear is, How much will it cost to stage my home? Rest assured the cost for your investment in home staging will be far less than a first price reduction and it will bring measurable value to the equity in your home. Home Staging is not an expense it's a smart investment

Our 5 Step To Success Approach

Why do we follow the same process with all of our clients? Because to sell a property quickly and for the best price, we must use strategy and science, not guesswork. We created a plan that consistently delivers results that clients and agents alike can rely on.

  1. Develop a Buyer Profile
  2. How long do homes in this neighborhood typically spend on the market?
    At what point are you most likely to get your best price?
    Formulate a picture of the most likely buyer (Age, Sex, Family Size, etc.)

  3. Find Investment Opportunities
  4. Analyze the condition of property from top to bottom, inside and out.
    What aspects of the properties condition detract from its current value?
    What can we do now to preempt buyer objections before they happen?

  5. Make Valuable Improvements
  6. Invest in affordable improvements that will immediately pay off.
    Access our network of contractors, painters, flooring experts, etc.
    We oversee and manage the process from beginning to end.

  7. Organize! Showcase! Stage!
  8. Design the ideal lifestyle that is specific to our buyer.
    Select furnishings and accessories from our warehouse.
    Create home staging that is unique, memorable, and a magnet for the target buyer.

  9. Create a Compelling Presence
  10. Make web listings stand out amongst all others.
    Expert photo stylists ensure images look their best.
    Offer 2D floorplans to demonstrate layout and flow.

Home Staging Benefits

  • A staged home looks organized, stylish and pulled together. It looks like it has the designer's touch.
  • Buyers will be able to imagine the potential for the home, without being overwhelmed by your possessions.
  • Potential buyers will linger in the pleasant ambiance of your staged home, easily envisioning how their families and furniture will nestle in comfortably.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the process of preparing your home for sale or simply don't have the time to do it, consider spending a few hours with one of our Home Staging experts. Call Serenity Redesign at 780-818-6792 or email to learn more about our Home Staging Services.

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